Address :  Floor 6, Hoang Sam Building, 260-262 Ba Trieu, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Tel. : +84 24 3632 1960

Resolve computing services company limited, is a young and energetic company eager to deliver innovative web-based business solutions for banks in Vietnam. Our uniqueness is in our ability to understand our client requirements and expectations and work diligently to achieve or exceed them. We specialise in developing customised web-based business intelligence solutions. We offer banking regulation compliance (SBV’s Basel Circulars 41, 13 etc.), customer relationship management and financial performance management solutions.


Resolve’s Basel solution : resolve’s Basel solution is a product developed for banks in Vietnam to comply with SBV’s Basel compliance requirements (i.e. Circular 41). resolve’s Basel solution attempts to automate all the functions around the compliance activities out-of-the box. For instance, credit risk mitigation technique to optimize capital and calculation of available limits which could be complex depending on the banks business are pre-built within the solution. resolve is constantly enhancing its compliance solution and will soon include State Bank of Vietnam’s (SBV’s) Circular 13, IRB Basel Approach.
Custom Business Intelligence solution: resolve has developed a platform (i.e. bigQ) for delivering business intelligence type solutions and business process automation solutions in a cost-effective and timely manner. The platform is designed using component-based approach that enables resolve to develop business applications quickly. Each component and modules are reusable and can be used as building block to develop any solution. For instance, the platform consists of modules for data integration, data quality, reconciliation, charting and dashboard, process management, user management and multidimensional tool for data analysis that are totally reusable modules. resolve’s company website was totally developed within days using this platform and every piece of content can be changed by the user dynamically which is supported in the backend by a web application for content management, to manage blog, job posting etc. This platform is totally bilingual i.e. English and Vietnamese.
Customer Relationship Management solution: resolve can develop web-based customer relationship management (CRM) solutions using its bigQ platform to provide an end-to-end experience. CRM solution will include both the internal (backend processing within the firm) and external (customer facing demand generation). resolve can customise the external site for generating demand from the public and customer interaction through the web. In addition, the integrated data analysis, data cleaning function and data integration function will streamline the activities and greatly enrich the experience. resolve and its founder have rich experience in customer relationship projects in Vietnam from implementation in a bank and financial product distribution company.
In addition to the product based solutions, resolve can provide services for banks in their path to developing or choosing a solution. Banks who have a need to automate business functions and wish to to define requirements based on their internal processes and user needs can engage resolve to do business analysis services. resolve can provide services to gather requirements and writing specification for the users. The users can then proceed through their internal processes and select a solution that is appropriate to their need. Alternatively, the bank can engage resolve to develop custom built applications using web technology that resolve is adept at delivering. resolve use its bigQ platform or appropriate technology to develop the solution for the bank.