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With a 10,400 m2 factory located in Quang Minh industrial zone, Quang Minh town, Me Linh District, Hanoi, and a second factory located in Sai Gon high technology zone in Ho Chi Minh City, MK Smart is the leading manufacturer in smart card industry in Vietnam in the following sectors: Telecommunication, Banking, Retail; Security, Smart transaction. In detail:

– Telecommunication: Sim Card, Scratch-off Card, Bill

– Banking: Credit Card compliance with EMV Standard, Debit Card, EMV Migration solution, Thorough Card personalization and issuance solution, Bussiness form, Direct mailing

– Retail: Promotional Card, Loyalty Card, ID and Acccess Control Solution, Scrath-off Card, Key Card

– Security: Provides thorough security solutions by one­time password and fingerprint biometric authentication on smart card; Security application management solutions for customers and business data; Strong authentication security; Smart payment solutions & e­-purse.

– Smart Transactions: Provide modern technology, service and application for mobile phones; automatic payment kiosks in order to satisfy the need of security, quickness and easiness of payment for Vietnamese people and enterprises.

2010 marked the turning point in the history of MK Smart when we received 3 certificates from leading international producers of security and smart cards: SAS, Visa, and MasterCard. Notably, the GSMA SAS certification is the highest security certification for manufacturers of telecom and SIM card chip.


Certified by VISA, MasterCard, and S.A.S, MK Smart is the trusted partner for smart card, EMV Migration and Personalization solutions, authentication solutions in Banking segment, including:

– Smart card:

+ EMV Chip card/ Magnetic Stripe card: ATM card, Credit card, Debit card.

– Business Form:

+ Rolling form: ATM Card mailer, Pin mailer, VAT invoice, retail invoice,…

+ Direct mailing solution

– EMV Migration solution

Not only bringing customers the best quality service and highest security, MK Smart also diversified service packages, offering 5 most suitable choices for the different conditions of each bank.

+ Standard pack: the most popular service package, in accordance with the joint-stock commercial banks those have begun to migrate to the international EMV cards

With this package, banks have to do only two things: sending the data file to the MK Smart’s plant and receiving the cards.

MK Smart factory will be responsible for all of the operating procedures from EMV card personalization, quality control and high security certified by VISA, MasterCard to packaging and delivery.

+ Deluxe pack: designed for banks those do not allow data disclosing but wish to control 100% of the bank data.

With this service pack, MK Smart will transfer the entire system of hardware, software for personalizing EMV cards to where the bank is located. MK Smart will also send staffs to operate the systems for the bank.

+ Premium pack: designed to reduce costs as well as for customers who want to personalize initiative at bank locations, which saves shipping time from factory MK Smart.

With this package, MK Smart will transport the personalizing system to the bank location, and the EMV data preparation system will be located in MK Smart’s plan.

At this point, banks and MK Smart start to send – receive data via VPN systems / FTP in a very short time

+ Lite pack: banks can take advantage of financial card personalization systems. MK Smart will put the host server that controls EMV card personalizing at the bank’s location, and the data preparation system will be set at the factory of MK Smart.

By utilizing the available equipments, banks will save machine renting costs and still can control their time accordingly

+ Back-up pack: suitable for all banks those have had the EMV card personalization system. Whenever the banking systems are in trouble, they can move right into prevention service to ensure that the cards will be issued smoothly

– Authentication solution

Match-on-Card (MoC) verification has the advantage of ensuring that only the correct physical user can gain access to certain information or physical locations

By using MoC, you can gain five distinct advantages:

+ Privacy: The data never leaves the smart card

+ Security: Two – factor authentication and on-card biometric matching

+ Interoperability: Open Standards compliance offers adaptability & low cost reader

+ Scalability: Matching performed in the card – unlimited scalability give lower administration costs

+ Easy Integration: Fits to existing infrastructure and requires minimum memory usage


MK Smart Security Card Production

MK Smart Card Management System (MKSCMS): is a smart card lifecycle management software, also allows to manage all applications embedded on chip simultaneously. Main functions of MKSCMS includes smart card issuing process management, smartcard application management, chip personalized management, and providing administration process to outsourcing services. Moreover, MKSCMS also supports the enquiry of issuing information, uploading data to server, controlling number of card issued, and create statistical report.

MWL (MoC for Windows Logon): this’s security package integrated with login process on Windows which use MoC (Match on Card) technology for biometric data without static password.

VISMAN (Visitor Management): The system quickly manage visitor information, integrate passport scanner and camera can capture live picture and store database.

SCTK (SmartCard Time Keeper): The system can collect access time of employee apply MoC and d-ID (Dynamic Identification) application to store personnel information into smartcard on access control device.

SIM – LTE: SIM card for Mobile Network 4G, compatible with 2G and 3G Networks.

SIM PKI: SIM card with PKI on mobile handset and USB-3G to sign multi-messages.

MKSmartCard PKI: Smartcard with PKI used on many devices such as USB, Card Reader, USB-3G, and Handsets to to SIGN, ENCRYPTION & AUTHENTICATION. Especially smartcard with USB protocol called by SmartToken replaced for USB Token.

MK-TMS/ Open CA: System is used to manage smartcard PKIs and Open Certification Authority for Small Business.